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Own coffee roaster workshop

Coffee roasting is a slow process that is carried out by modern roasting machines (roasters).

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Кофемолки, соковыжималки для цитрусовых фруктов. 

Ctra. Santa Coloma s/n
17410 Sils, Girona, SPAIN
тел.: +34 972 168 282
факс: +34 972 853 104
e-mail: cunill@cunill.com

Latitud: 41.8171578537796 (41º 49' 1.77" N)
Longitud: 2.7333709632507635 (2º 44' 0.14" E)



  • Classification...

    The samples should be taken from each delivered bag. After sampling, the coffee from different deliveries is laid together and ready to undergo the further processing for quality improving. The produc...

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  • Locations of coffee culti...

    Until the XIV century, coffee grew in Ethiopia as a wild plant. Later coffee tree was brought to the Arabian Peninsula. In the late XVI century, European traders began buying coffee in Arab ports, and...

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