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Own coffee roaster workshop

Coffee roasting is a slow process that is carried out by modern roasting machines (roasters).

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Торговые автоматы по производству горячих и холодных напитков.
Установка и обслуживание.

Украина, 03680, г. Киев, пер. Бородянский, 3
тел.: +380 (44) 424-01-67
тел. /факс: +380 (44) 581-58-59
e-mail: LIS@lis.net.ua



  • Classification...

    The samples should be taken from each delivered bag. After sampling, the coffee from different deliveries is laid together and ready to undergo the further processing for quality improving. The produc...

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  • Coffee and Health...

    Coffee improves your ability to concentration, especially in moments of fatigue.

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