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Own coffee roaster workshop

Coffee roasting is a slow process that is carried out by modern roasting machines (roasters).

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Торговые автоматы по производству горячих и холодных напитков.
Установка и обслуживание.

Украина, 03680, г. Киев, пер. Бородянский, 3
тел.: +380 (44) 424-01-67
тел. /факс: +380 (44) 581-58-59
e-mail: LIS@lis.net.ua



  • Interesting facts...

    Voltaire drank 50 cups of coffee a day and lived till a venerable age of 83 years. He died of prostate cancer, suffering of severe pain during the last few years, which he tried to soothe by taking op...

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  • Growing...

    First of all, specially bred seeds are planted in the nursery provided with appropriate amount of sunlight and shade. After about six months, the saplings are transplanted into the field, where the so...

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