Direct delivery in Kiev and Kiev region

Products delivery in Kiev is free with order over 2000 UAH. The delivery cost for order under 2000 UAH is 50 UAH

Delivery within Kiev is carried out from 10am till 9pm in business days, from 10am till 7pm on Saturday and from 10am till 5pm on Sunday.

If you place your order before 11am, we will deliver it the same day. In any case, when ordering aver managers will agree with you on time of delivery.

Our staff will promptly deliver the order to your address when it convenient for you and proof that product is undamaged, as well as draw all the necessary documents.

Lifting of the order is free if there is an elevator. Otherwise the price of lifting must be determined when receiving the order depending on its size, weight and complexity (20-70 UAH per floor).

Delivery in Kiev region is carried out into following places:

Barishevka, Belaya Tserkov, Bielogorodka, Berezan, Bobritsa, Boguslav, Borispol, Borova, Borodyanka, Bortnitshy, Boyarka, Brovary, Butsha, Bishev, Vasilkov, Velika Dimerka, Vishnyovoye, Volodarka, Vorzel, Vishgorod, Gavrilovka, Glevaha, Gogoliev, Gorenka, Gostomel, Grebeny, Grebenky, Demidov, Denihovka, Dibrovka, Doslidnitske, Dimer, Zagaltsy, Zgurovka, Ivankov, Irpen, Kagarlik, Kalinovka, Kalita, Kojanka, Kozin, Kotsyubinskoe, Krasilovka, Lesniky, Lukashy, Lyutej, Makarov, Medvin, Mironovka, Motovilovka, Nebelitsa, Novie Petrovtsy, Obuhov, Panfily, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy, Piskivka, Rakitnoye, Rjistshev, Rozkishna, Rusanov, Semipolky, Skvira, Stavistshe, Starie Petrovtsy, Tarastsha, Tetiev, Trebuhov, Uzin, Ukrayinka, Ustinovka, Fastov, Tshaika, Shpitky, Yagotin.

Ask our manager about exact terms of delivery.

The delivery cost is 50UAH within Kiev region and 60UAH into the rest regions of Ukraine.

You may take away your order from our stock by yourself.

Our address: Borodyanskiy lane 3, Kiev.
During business days from 10am till 5pm after agreement on your order with our manager.
Payment: by cash when receiving or by bank transfer.




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