Robusta or Arabica coffee

What is arabica and what is robusta? 
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Arabica coffee (Arabian coffee, lat. Cofféa arábica) - a type of Arabica grain. The most common and cultivated species.
Robusta coffee (Congolese coffee, lat. Cofféa canephora Pierre, Cofféa robusta) - a type of Robusta grain. Robusta is more unpretentious and productive than arabica and cheaper to manufacture.

Arabica and Robusta are not a variety of coffee, but species of one plant - the so-called "coffee tree" from the Marenova family. They differ in the appearance of the grains, the characteristics of ripening, and the chemical composition, which cannot but affect the taste, aroma, and strength of the drink prepared from them.

❗️ There are 47 countries in the world where coffee is grown. ❗️

Brazil's champion coffee country raised ≈ 2,080,000 tons of Arabica in 2011. And Vietnam, which is in second place, in the same year grew ≈ 660,000 tons of robusta. Yes, it is three times less than in Brazil. But at the same time, the area of ​​all of Vietnam is five times smaller than the area of ​​coffee plantations in Brazil.

The main differences between Arabica and Robusta

☑️ Origin
– Arabica was discovered in Ethiopia in the 9th century.
– Robusta appeared in the Congo in the 18th century.
☑️ Growth conditions
– Arabica grows in the highlands, at an altitude of 600-2000 meters above sea level. Arabica likes an average temperature of about 16 degrees and moderate humidity.
– Robusta is much more unpretentious compared to arabica, does not require special care and special conditions, is practically not susceptible to disease. Feels good in the plateaus, plains, easily tolerates heat and lack of moisture.
☑️ Plant appearance
– Arabica is a tree.
– Robusta is a bush.
☑️ Grain shape
– Grains of arabica are more oval and larger.
– Robusta grains are rounder.
☑️ Taste
– Arabica is responsible for the acidity of the drink.
– Grains of robusta with severe bitterness.
☑️ Caffeine Content
Robusta has 2 times more caffeine than Arabica.
☑️ Production in the world
More than 70% of the global coffee production falls on Arabica, 20% - on robusta.

‼️ The main difference between Arabica and Robusta, an important thing for coffee lovers, is, of course, the taste, aroma and the invigorating effect of the finished drink.
✅ Essential oils, contained in large quantities in arabica, are responsible for the bright, unique aroma of coffee. Citrus, fruity notes, an alluring aroma of chocolate, a bright taste with a slight acidity - these are the features of Arabica, for which millions of coffee lovers love it.
✅ The main advantage of robusta is its invigorating effect, which is achieved due to the high caffeine content. This species is poorer in taste and aroma than Arabica, but a lover of cheer up in the morning after a cup of coffee cannot do it without robusta.

‼️ The most popular drinks are those made from a blend of arabica and robusta.
The bright aroma of Arabica with the invigorating effect of robusta is the recipe for the perfect drink!
Try different combinations and choose your favorite coffee.

Arabica and Robusta have their own tasks and their fans.
There is no consensus that is better or worse.

‼️ Classic Italian coffee is almost always a heavily roasted blend of arabica and robusta. Such mixtures are cheaper than pure arabica and give coffee a characteristic bitterness.
Interesting notes of chocolate appear in a cappuccino from such a mixture and some people like this coffee more.

✅ The foam that is on top of the drink is called a “cream”.
It is believed that this is the most delicious and aromatic part in espresso.
Robusta gives more cream than arabica!

✅ Brewing robusta in alternative ways is not a good idea.
If you make coffee in a French press, Turk, Purover or any other way, it is better to use arabica coffee.

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