About brand

Brand “Mammy Coffee” is a symbol of the best coffee and style all over the world. Join us in an extraordinary pleasure of coffee savoring!

Our coffee roasters invented the unique program of coffee roasting, which endows coffee "Mammy Coffee" with exceptionally rich taste and long pleasant aftertaste.

We completely abandoned the use of flavorings and flavor enhancers, which spoil the natural taste of coffee.

We manufacture exclusively organic coffee!

You can always try "Mammy Coffee" from our vending machines that have original design:


Enjoy your coffee ceremony!!!



  • History...

    According to the most common legend, tonic properties of coffee were discovered by Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi, who noticed, that after eating the dense leaves and red berries in day, his goatsbeha...

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  • Interesting facts...

    Voltaire drank 50 cups of coffee a day and lived till a venerable age of 83 years. He died of prostate cancer, suffering of severe pain during the last few years, which he tried to soothe by taking op...

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