Permissive documents

We have ALL the required permitting documents for the production of coffee and its subsequent implementation via retail or wholesale stores.

Regarding The Kingdom Of Spain.

We have registered our trademark Mammy Coffee in Spain! 
Below is our Registration certificate.

Everyone is welcome to check this registration certificate here:

You can also search by yourself at this link: 

We are always open for Your questions and we are ready to cooperate! 

We invite dealers and sales agents to cooperate with us!



  • Growing...

    First of all, specially bred seeds are planted in the nursery provided with appropriate amount of sunlight and shade. After about six months, the saplings are transplanted into the field, where the so...

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  • History...

    According to the most common legend, tonic properties of coffee were discovered by Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi, who noticed, that after eating the dense leaves and red berries in day, his goatsbeha...

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