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Phone: +380 (44) 222 93 54
Phone / fax: +380 (44) 581-58-59
Mob. phone: +380 (67) 408-77-63
Mob. phone: +380 (50) 441-18-05
Borodyanskiy Lane, 3, Kiev, 03680, Ukraine



  • Kinds of coffee...

    There are about 70 sorts of coffee trees existing nowadays, from dwarf shrubs to 10-meter giants. Two main botanical sorts of coffee trees, and, therefore, the grains obtained from the fruits of thes...

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  • History...

    According to the most common legend, tonic properties of coffee were discovered by Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi, who noticed, that after eating the dense leaves and red berries in day, his goatsbeha...

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