Special Packages:


Outlet valve excessive carbon dioxide (degassing valve):


Weldres of special packages:


Coffee grinders Tranquilo

Mammy Coffee™ in Spain

Grindstones for coffee grinders CUNILL

Citrus squeezer CUNILL

Grinders Cunill

Coffee-makers EXPOBAR

Vending coffee machines

Workshop for packaging sugar in sticks

Service Center Mammy Coffee

Exhibition Center Mammy Coffee

HoReCa Ukraine 2015 Kiev

Lviv coffee festival 2015 Lviv

CoffeeEXPO 2014 Lviv

FoReCH 2014 Kiev

FoReCH 2016 Kiev

FoReCH 2017 Kiev

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017 New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2018 New Year!



  • Classification...

    The samples should be taken from each delivered bag. After sampling, the coffee from different deliveries is laid together and ready to undergo the further processing for quality improving. The produc...

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  • Gradation of coffee beans...

    In international trade the green coffee beans are commonly used due to their suitability for long-term storage in contrast to roasted and especially ground coffee. Unfortunately, there is no universa...

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