ООО “Павол”

Таможенно-лицензионный склад.
Таможенно-брокерские услуги.

Украина, 03680, г. Киев, пер. Бородянский, 3
тел.: +380 (44) 424-01-67
тел. /факс: +380 (44) 581-58-59
e-mail: Office@Pawol.com.ua



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    Blending of different coffee species, which complement one another in terms of their features, helps to produce a balanced product where desirable qualities, such as taste, aroma, color, saturation an...

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  • Interesting facts...

    Voltaire drank 50 cups of coffee a day and lived till a venerable age of 83 years. He died of prostate cancer, suffering of severe pain during the last few years, which he tried to soothe by taking op...

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